Torture Love are in there somewhere. Credit: Courtesy the artist

Tomorrow night local rock four-piece Torture Love celebrate the arrival of the cassette version of their first long-player, They Came Crawling. Torture Love have been grinding around town for a few years now, hammering out dark, driving, high-energy punk that throbs with negativity and bad vibes. They’re still waiting on the LP version, but on Saturday they play a release party at the Mousetrap with Australian punks Helta Skelta, Minneapolis band Color TV, and two more locals, Canadian Rifle and Rash—it’s a DIY venue, so if you’re looking for the venue’s address here, you’re out of luck. (“Ask a punk,” as they say.) Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the opening number from They Came Crawling, “Glass Memory,” a heady, nervy ripper that rides on a high-anxiety rhythm and overflows with paranoid dissonance. Torture Love songs sound a lot like the nihilistic jags that you get from Memphis outfit Ex-Cult, and they channel the high-strung, moody angst of Australia’s Total Control—not at all by coincidence, Total Control guitarist Mikey Young mastered They Came Crawling, honing the creepy edge even further. The vinyl version is due later this year via Protagonist Music, and the tape comes to us courtesy of the Pressure Group. “Glass Memory” is streaming below.