8 Inch Betsy Credit: Chrissy Piper

Local queercore group 8 Inch Betsy will release its album The Mean Days on November 13, nearly ten months after front woman Meghan Galbraith died at the age of 35. Galbraith unabashedly drew from her personal experiences when writing lyrics for the three-piece, and I’d assume that the The Mean Days will offer a final look at fragments of her life. On the slow-burning “Night,” Galbraith details a tense evening for a couple as the relationship becomes untethered; the band’s restrained performance allows plenty of dead air to seep into the song, accentuating the foreboding nature of Galbraith’s lyrics. The Reader snagged the premiere of “Night,” which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Listen to the tune below, and keep an eye out for The Mean Days.