• Courtesy of Karla Huffman
  • MC Adad

Tomorrow night Chicago MC Adad celebrates the forthcoming release of his album, Drifted, with a headlining show at the Promontory. Judging from the music I’ve heard, I interpret the title as a reflection of feeling increasingly detached from society. On “Danger Us,” Adad raps from the perspective of a fictional protagonist, one who sees a mother prepare to make funeral arrangements for a baby and grapples with the weight of having family members wind up in jail or get shot to death. The MC combines the message with a smooth, winsome soul instrumental, and even though he raps from the perspective of someone who feels trapped, Adad manages to make “Danger Us” feel a little hopeful.

From what I’ve heard of Drifted, Adad infuses the album with a sense of perseverance, which he achieves partially by engaging with self-doubt or society’s ills. As the MC says succinctly on the hook for the title track, “We get low, we get high, we get on, we get by.” On his website Adad wrote about finding himself removed from what he describes as society’s “straight and narrow path,” and his version of drifting is also about finding his way in the world. Thankfully he’s found a way to bring the world these fine tracks.

Psalm One and Neak open tomorrow’s Drifted show at Promontory. Doors open at 9 PM; tickets are $10 at the door or $8 in advance.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.