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Local rapper Blake Gardner spent years releasing music as Jams Dean, but recently he decided to dump the name and just go by Blake—just Blake. Yesterday he dropped his first video since changing his name and it’s for “Your Boyfriend Sucks,” a charming tune about the joy and anguish of being a lady’s side-guy. The video is pretty delightful—in it the MC parties down with local rock outfit Rabble Rabble, shares some soft-serve ice cream with Trannika Rex at Tastee Freez, and gets pissed off when he stumbles upon Trannika and the titular boyfriend sharing a treat at Bang Bang Pie. (Full disclosure: Blake and I hang out from time to time at that very pie shop.)

“Your Boyfriend Sucks” is the first single off his forthcoming Blake 4Ever mixtape, which he says is about “love, and sex, and yoga pants; and smoking weed.” To celebrate the release of his new song and video Blake is playing Cole’s Bar tomorrow night alongside Netherfriends, Auggie the 9th, Black Matt, and Fess Grandiose.

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