ShowYouSuck will play what he’s been calling a “pizza party homecoming” next month to celebrate a return to Chicago after touring Europe. Ahead of that show, he’s released “Mars Attacks / XFiles,” a classic sci-fi creeper that features production from Mike Jaxx.

The beat on “Mars Attacks” revolves around that eerie theremin sound from iconic science fiction movies of the 50s like The Day the Earth Stood Still. As far as ShowYouSuck tracks go, it’s less of an outright party number and more of a theme song for late-night Netflix binges. Its two and a half minutes climax with Show insisting that “you are not alone” in a pitch-shifted alien voice.

ShowYouSuck plays his Pizza Party Homecoming at Subterranean on December 13, and it’s free with an RSVP. Listen to “Mars Attacks / XFiles” below.