Cover artwork for Tell the Children
  • Cover artwork for “Tell the Children”

Fourteen hours after St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, Chicago rapper Tink has released a protest song called “Tell the Children.” The track begins with a sample of a man saying “don’t shoot,” which were allegedly Brown’s last words.

“Tell the children to watch out,” sings Tink on the chorus of the slow, urgent track. After a sample of a man discussing police brutality and the right to assemble, she raps, “He was more afraid of him when he’s the one with the piece?”

Tink announced “Tell the Children” with a series of tweets reading “Keep running” and “Stand for something.” Her Twitter avatar is currently set as a photograph of Michael Brown.

Listen to the Timbaland-produced single below.