Post Child Credit: courtesy the artist

Back in January, Chicago slacker-rock four-piece Post Child released the excellent Wax Wings, a fuzzy homage to alt-pop’s 1990s heyday. Today, the Reader has an exclusive premiere of the video for album track “Fake Sex,” produced by film duo New Trash, who are based in Los Angeles and Chicago and have made videos for other locals, including the Peekaboos and Son of a Gun.

The “Fake Sex” clip follows Post Child singer Bryan Alvarez on a journey through the halls of a weirdo warehouse rager, though he remains unmoved by all the debauchery unfolding around him. His attitude embodies the band’s apathetic vibe, and the video’s oversaturated, VHS-style lo-fi warmth is the perfect complement to the song’s blown-out walls of melodic static. Just like Wax Wings as a whole, this video tips its hat to the likes of Weezer and Dinosaur Jr., juxtaposing an irreverent and wacky visual against a massive downer jam.

YouTube video