I’m headed to LA tomorrow so I thought I’d note this a bit early: the Parker String Quartet at Music in the Loft in the West Loop. There’s a lot of really good music this weekend, what with the Hideout Block Party and the World Music Festival Chicago, but if you’re looking for something away from the crowds that looks encouraging. I’ll also second Monica’s recommendation of George Flynn.

Bird Names are also headlining a show that starts about, um, now. Miles Raymer is a big fan.

I will of course miss all of this (wedding) but I’m hoping my consolation prize will be a trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, the subject of a wonderful book by Lawrence Weschler.

Also: Obama is back up (substantially) in the FiveThirtyEight electoral projections, although the popular vote projection is still insanely close. This is going to be a nailbiter, so keep an eye out for stuff like this.