A little bit of poor planning resulted in my iPhone’s battery dying a few hours before the fest ended yesterday. That meant I didn’t get to note that unlike the Wyatt Cenac-vs-Robyn matchup between the relatively quiet comedy stage and the massively loud main stage, being distracted from Michael Showalter’s set by Broken Social Scene’s set wasn’t so much of a problem.

Showalter took the stage with no pre-planned material, having decided to wing it. He absolutely bombed, but it was a spectacular bombing, and deeply, strangely fascinating in its own way.

Broken Social Scene’s bland and forgettable arena indie rock was easy to ignore. However they did manage to make me laugh harder than any of the comics performing when they ended their set by saying something along the lines of, “We’re Broken Social Scene and we believe in each and every one of you. Hope isn’t just a word, it’s a commitment.” I appreciate PMA and I understand that the band’s Canadian and all, but come the fuck on. At least if the music thing doesn’t pan out BSS can probably find work coming up with slogans for hippie bumper stickers.