Lollapalooza is still a long way from officially announcing this year’s lineup, but the Daily Swarm claims to have the dirt on some of the headliners. According to intel TDS has allegedly gathered from “multiple industry sources,” Green Day, a reunited Soundgarden, and Lady Gaga are all booked near the top of the bill. Green Day are kind of a no-brainer and Soundgarden have had their name tossed around in re: the fest since before they even announced that they were getting back together, but Lady Gaga is a bit surprising. Even as far back as the festival’s second outing it’s included artists without much presence on alt-rock radio or in the alternative media, but for the most part they tended to be hip-hop and dance acts with at least a little subcultural cred.

Lady Gaga is one of the most interesting and compelling artists out there right now, but despite her art-school cred she’s straight-up pop, with a tight grip on the Top 40—she’s not some long-shot outsider crossover success like Nirvana or a former chart-topper working the nostalgia tip like Snoop Dogg. Many good, legitimately underground acts have shown up on Lolla’s stages over the years, but the festival’s “alternative” branding has always been more of a marketing tool than anything else. How alternative were Rage Against the Machine in 2008, or the Beastie Boys in 1994? Booking a headliner straight off B96, though, that’s something else entirely.