The forecast for the first day of Lollapalooza 2013 called for spurts of showers, but after a short downpour in the early afternoon things cleared up as Sweden’s Ghost B.C. approached the stage around 2:15 PM; the group’s heavy 70s-rock songs seemed to force the clouds apart, and it stayed fairly dry the rest of the way.

While the rain wasn’t an issue, navigating the schedule turned out to be tricky. We named our guide “how to make the most of Lollapalooza” because at a festival with eight stages you’re inevitably going to have to make some tough choices and miss some things you want to see. For me the biggest scheduling conflict of the weekend came Friday evening when New Order, Queens of the Stone Age, and Chance the Rapper played overlapping sets. I did my best to catch all three performances, but I knew I’d miss a great song or two each time I left one stage to check out one of the sets.

Fortunately there were some great moments that made me forget all about whatever internal conflicts I wrestled with due to my decision-making process (at least for a little while). Crystal Castles’ jammy edit of “Untrust Us,” Hot Chip’s blissful “Ready for the Floor,” and Nine Inch Nails’ tight and mean “Closer” did it for me, and watching thousands of people cram into the slim area in front of the tiny BMI stage to hang onto every syllable that came out of Chance the Rapper’s mouth helped me make the most out of my first day at Lolla.

Check out our photos of Ghost B.C., Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Crystal Castles, New Order, and a video recap that highlights some of my favorite performances from the first day below, and keep an eye out for the rest of the Reader‘s coverage of the festival.