It was telling that I didn’t see any neo-hipster hippies in the audience at Ben Harper’s set, which I had to wade through a couple of times due to a miscommunication with some friends I was trying to meet. There weren’t even as many as I’d expected watching Animal Collective, who are shaping up to be the 2Ks’ Grateful Dead and are thus among the leading repopularizers of tie-dye—they were playing across the park from Harper, the 2Ks’ Bruce Cockburn.

A lot of them had bailed on AnCo for Diplo at the Perry’s stage, which I don’t blame them for at all. AnCo’s jams were too flimsy to cut through the muggy air, while Diplo was slaying with a giddy rave set, his kuduro and baile funk cuts shelved for the time being in favor of more accessible beats.