Yesterday an otherworldly intense storm system swept over Chicago, leading to an unprecedented evacuation of the Lollapalooza grounds. The mini-monsoon turned out to be as brief as it was scary, and soon enough the flood of human bodies that swept over downtown ahead of the storm reversed itself and Saturday’s festivities continued on.

Luckily, as music festival history shows, the type of people who like to congregate in large groups for concerts tend to be the type who doesn’t mind getting messy. After the performances resumed festival goers turned Grant Park into a muddy playground and caught performances by Bloc Party, the Weeknd, and R&B sensation Frank Ocean, whose impeccable headband game was unaffected by the inclement weather.

Extra-dirty photos after the jump. If you’re back at Lolla today, wear your galoshes and don’t miss these bands. If you want to relive the Friday lineup, this might help. And check back tomorrow for our massive Lolla slideshow.