Cheatahs Credit: Alex DeMora

On last year’s self-titled full-length debut, London’s Cheatahs paid tribute to the shoegaze greats of the 90s, blending dreamy melodies and hazy tones with layers of bendy guitar chords. The four-piece is prepping the release of their second LP, Mythologies—due out on 10/30 via Wichita Recordings—with a U.S. tour, which stops at Subterranean tomorrow night. The label has let songs from Mythologies trickle out into the open and the latest to be released, this week’s “Su-Pra”, is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. “Su-Pra” indicates that the band is shedding the shoegaze and taking on a dense experimental-rock sound that covers all sorts of ground—this song pulses along with a pushy Krautrock rhythm while disjointed guitars, heavy-distorted vocals, and hyperactive, oscillating synths crisscross all over the place, fading in and out of the mix. The songs on Cheatahs were great, but far from groundbreaking—at times even bordering on underwhelming. It’s nice to hear these guys pushing some boundaries, getting a little weird, and keeping it fresh. Check out “Su-Pra” below.

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