You know, the more I read about Denver, the more I like it. Here’s John Kass:

“A Hickenlooper wouldn’t confuse anyone. It would clearly show voters so angry over a ridiculously high parking meter increase that they give a complete political unknown 65 percent of the vote for mayor.

“It happened a few years ago in Denver. The unknown who got those votes is Mayor John Hickenlooper, now in his second term.

“The former geologist and Denver pub owner was minding his own beer-brewing business when Denver’s City Hall pushed a whopping parking meter increase to cover a budget shortfall, after years and years of wasteful spending. Sound familiar?”

And Ben Joravsky:

“Someday, possibly very soon, it will dawn on Chicagoans that all the meters they’ve been feeding, all the taxes they’ve been paying, all the fines and fees they’ve forked over, still can’t pay the teachers and the police and the firefighters and fill the potholes and collect the garbage and remove the snow, and wonder how it is that we can still afford two weeks of international fun and games. And they will erupt.

“I know it sounds like a long shot. But I’ve seen it happen before. Back in 1979, when folks got so angry they ousted one mayor—a guy named Bilandic—in favor of a relatively unknown out-of-work city employee named Jane Byrne.

“And if it happens between now and 2016, guess who the public will blame? That’s right—the Olympics will be public enemy number one around here. You might even have to hand the games off to some other city, like you did with the winter games back in 1976. I know you remember that fiasco. In 1970, you awarded the games to Denver. Two years later, Coloradans voted to deny public funding for the games and you wound up having to shuffle them to Innsbruck, Austria.”