Rumors have been afoot for a while now that Sonotheque is about to close, and John Dugan at Time Out Chicago just confirmed them. But there’s a wrinkle: Dugan quotes from an e-mail from Empty Bottle talent buyer Pete Toalson, who writes, “We can confirm that the current ownership group—one that includes Terry Alexander, Joe Bryl, Bruce Finkelman, Donnie Madia and Peter Toalson—have sold Sonotheque and it will close the week ending November 15th. The new ownership group continues to include both Finkelman and Toalson, and now adds Paul Devitt.”

Devitt is the owner of the Beauty Bar chain of nightclubs, which began as a single bar in New York City in 1995 and has since expanded to include outposts in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Austin. Dugan doesn’t go so far as to say that Sonotheque’s going to become a Beauty Bar itself, but a source at the Empty Bottle tells me that it will. If that’s true, the club will most likely have its retro-futuristic interior design replaced by the kitschy retro-beauty-parlor aesthetic that the other Beauty Bars share.