Last month London hardcore label La Vida Es un Mus released a digital edition of Doble LP Discografía, the career-spanning compilation of the music of Pilsen punk heroes Los Crudos. Long-running Bay Area punk zine Maximum Rocknroll originally released the Crudos collection last year as a fund-raiser to help sustain itself, and La Vida Es un Mus handled the physical and digital version for the European release—it coincided with Los Crudos’ European tour last month. All of this is to say that if you weren’t able to get your hands on a physical copy of Doble LP Discografía, and if you don’t feel comfortable dropping a lot of cash on used Crudos seven-inches or downloading pirated rips of the band’s old work, there’s no reason to despair—you can get their whole catalog for a little more than $5 on Bandcamp.

Tomorrow Los Crudos headline Villapalooza: Little Village Music Fest at 26th and Central Park. Crudos have performed sporadically since reuniting in 2006, but this year they’ve been fairly active in Chicago—they headlined Beat Kitchen in March to celebrate the release of Chicago hardcore documentary No Delusions, and they took over ChiTown Futbol last month ahead of their European tour. If you can’t make it tomorrow, keep your calendar open at the end of September for the launch of Desafinados at Co-Prosperity Sphere—this nine-day celebration of Latino and Chicano punk in Pilsen and Little Village centers on a gallery exhibition documenting the local scene. Desafinados also commemorates Los Crudos’ 25th anniversary, and it’s another great example of how the members of the band put community first.

Listen to Doble LP Discografía below, and while you’re at it check out my March Reader feature about Los Crudos, front man Martin Sorrondeguy, and the old DIY spaces that hosted the band in the 90s.