Life on tour is unpredictable to say the least. You never know what kind of show you’re heading to, or where you’re going to sleep after you play, or when you’re going to wreck your van on a deer.

Case in point: The troubles afflicting Memphis/Chicago garage-pop band Lover!, which has recently been making some Reader writers very happy. A vehicular encounter with Montana wildlife is threatening to derail their tour, so they’ve taken to their MySpace blog to ask for help:

In this season of giving (Halloween), there are a whole bunch of bands on the road who are finding it harder and harder to fund a small-scale tour. In Lover!’s case, we happened to fall victim to a generously-sized deer that jumped, kamikaze suicide style, into our moving van in the middle of nowhere, Montana.

We realize that there has been a small trend lately with bands asking for donations, and there was much debate over posting this bulletin for help. But at this point in the tour (Day 3!), we have 1.) a totalled van that we are renting from a friend, not a business, 2.) over $1400 in debt, 3.) Absolutely no personal cash or gas money, and most importantly 4.) the desire to finish the tour, make it to your town and entertain you with a killer show with music, lights, projected films and all that shit. Halloween style.

If making a donation to Lover! via Paypal is too much to ask, please find it in your black hearts to purchase some merch, i.e. records, CDs or t-shirts, if we make it to your town.

We promise we’ll give you the most earnest, sincere, face-melting rock show if we see you!

Best wishes,