The third LTHForum Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards won’t be announced until Monday, but the top-secret moderator cabal that decides the winners has sprung a leak.

Actually the awards process is quite deliberative, and fairly transparent in the initial stages. Anyone can nominate a restaurant based on its past postings, anyone is free to dissent, and quite often return visits are scheduled for reassessments. Then a goat is slaughtered and its entrails are studied (then eaten).

Anyway, a little birdie squawked to the Food Chain the names of a pair of winners that were pretty much shoo-ins anyway–perennial board favorites you’d be hard pressed to find any dissension about. Those would be Andersonville’s Pasticceria Natalina and Cicero Yucatecan restaurant Xni-Pec. These and 22 others will a receive a window-mountable laminated certificate and a listing on Mike G’s handy downloadable GNR pocket guide.

UPDATE: Here’s the full list.