The prolific Los Angeles-based experimental duo Lucky Dragons is making two Chicago appearances this week. The first is a Heaven Gallery (1550 N. Milwaukee, second floor) performance on Monday at 9 PM with Joe Grimm and Lichens opening. But if I had to pick just one night to go, I’d see them at the University of Chicago’s Doc Films (1212 E. 59th) on Tuesday at 7 PM, providing live musical accompaniment for Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 short The Red Balloon and a program of work from experimental filmmaker Rose Lowder.

The inexplicable noise of Lucky Dragons is a combination of found sounds and fluttering melodies supported by a kind of ecstatic electronic chaos. It’s a good soundtrack for an acid-infused day at the beach or a jaunt through some abandoned amusement park. Live performances are said to often involve audience participation in order to create a kind of “collective experience.” Here’s a video (BYO drugs):