• Courtesy of Life or Death PR
  • Lumerians

I’ve often praised the high-quality booking of late-night Logan Square bar the Owl, which started hosting free shows at the beginning of last year. Since then they’ve set up shows for tons of locals, but their highlights are the weirdo out-of-town acts that have been popping up on their schedule, bands like Psychic Ills, Wolf Eyes, and legendary 60s experimental project Silver Apples. This excellent streak continues tonight with two sets from San Francisco’s Lumerians, a far-out psych band that blends drone, Krautrock, and Hawkwind-style spaciness with costumes, fog machines, and overwhelming, intense visuals for a full-on audiovisual, out-of-body experience. The band, which formed in 2006 and has given birth to a number of other great projects such as the Soft Moon, is being flown out here by the Owl for tonight’s free show, which includes sets at 10 PM and midnight. As usual, the Owl will record the sets and turn them into a tape, which you’ll be able to buy from a vending machine at the front of the bar.