I doubt young Fiasco’s too thrilled about it, but Nah Right has three new Lupe tracks up for the downloading. No mention of where the leak came from, or what kind of release (if any) is planned for these songs, but I feel like they probably aren’t destined for his upcoming album, The Cool, which is slated to be released on Halloween. (Unless he freaks out over the leaks again and pushes the release date back six months.) I believe him when he says that they’re going to try to do the record in a week to avoid leaks like this, and the songs are a little rough. I’m guessing pre-album mix tape. They have that “not really trying” mix-tape feel, and although the beat to “Bottom, Top” is pretty nice, these aren’t A-game tracks. 

And speaking of Chicago-related hip-hop, have you checked out any of the new Common yet? “The People” has spent the past week climbing up my iTunes Most Played, thanks mostly to Common’s line about “white folk focus on dogs and yoga”—Wicker Park get ’em up—and Kanye’s primo gritty Jay Dilla biting. I like the idea of Kanye doing other peoples’ styles, because as talented a producer as he is, I’m more than a little weary of sped-up soul samples.