Lupe Fiasco fans buying tickets for the show at House of Blues on Saturday night could be forgiven for expecting it to be a Lupe Fiasco concert—ads for the event prominently featured Lupe, and tickets started at $27.50 and went all the way up to $97.50 for VIP packages. Given that the night’s entertainment consisted mostly of a DJ and a bunch of rappers who weren’t Lupe Fiasco, it’s not surprising that things turned ugly.

I wasn’t there, but according to reports from attendees, during the five or so hours between the start of the show and Lupe’s eventual appearance, numerous fights broke out in the general-admission area of the venue, the stage was piled with bottles thrown in protest, and at one point an unidentified man claiming to be part of the Black P. Stones gang came out and threatened the crowd on the mike. Lupe finally took the stage around 1 AM and delivered a 25-minute set that included a couple of songs he cut off after the first verse.