• Courtesy of Sacred Bones
  • Lust for Youth

On Saturday, Copenhagen’s Lust for Youth come to the Empty Bottle, bringing their chilly, eerie new-wavy postpunk with them. Created in 2009 as the dark, lo-fi solo project of Hannes Norrvide, Lust for Youth have grown into a full band cranking out high-gloss spooky darkwave. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Armida” off their most recent Sacred Bones LP, International. It’s danceable and airy, its dreamy vocal melodies floating above synth-bass drones and pushy electronic rhythms. Less creepy and desperate than Lust for Youth’s older stuff, “Armida” channels the poppier and more introspective sides of new wave, sounding like Depeche Mode and New Order with its urgent, forlorn vibe. It’s the kind of perfect song that begs for repeat listens—it’s brimming with hooks and topped off with a huge, bouncy chorus, and it walks the line between down-and-out and uplifting.