Pitchfork has a report on M.I.A. dropping a spontaneous club set in Baltimore, as well as the latest news on her alleged “Bird Flu” project. The concept is not only becoming dated–most of us have moved on from bird flu to worrying about inevitable global ecological calamity, and more advanced worriers are fearing wandering black holes–it’s also kinda biting. Pitchfork also calls M.I.A. a “mash-up diva” in the piece, which seems to be a running problem with them. I think maybe they’re getting “mash-ups” confused with “beats” and “sampling,” which is what she actually does. Maybe in the future they’ll call Scott Storch a “mash-up king.” I would actually like that. Maybe it’s the rare couple of good mash-ups people have made with M.I.A. songs that has P-fork mixed up. But just because Fergie rips her off so hard on “London Bridge” that replacing the original vocals with M.I.A.’s on “Pull Up the People” not only improves the song but makes more sense out of it, that doesn’t make M.I.A. a “mash-up diva.” But whether Fergie is a “rip-off” or just “pathetic” is still up in the air.