At this moment, 12 days from the start of season six of Mad Men, we as a nation are so starved for further installments in the ongoing saga of the denizens of Sterling Cooper Draper Price and the people who love and endure them that we dream about them while on vacation and have resorted to discussing Jon Hamm’s penis, so much so that Jon Hamm has asked us to shut the fuck up.

This is desperation, people.

And so last night Northwestern Law School’s Thorne Auditorium was packed to three-quarters capacity with Mad Men fans who paid money to the Chicago Humanities Festival in order to listen to three professors from the University of Illinois discuss Mad Men, Mad World, their new book of critical essays about the show.

Well, OK, there was one woman sitting near the back who admitted to never having seen a single episode.

“You’re welcome here,” the moderator, WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy, told her in a soothing voice.