• “Burst Black”

Magical Beautiful, the local experiential experimental, electronic-leaning pop act, has just released its first new track since 2011’s Here Come the Wild Waves LP. The band is fronted by Tyson Torstensen—formerly of Ga’an, the prog-rock outfit that birthed other excellent, heady projects such as Fielded, Zath, and Psychic Steel—who uses Magical Beautiful to depart from the intensity of his former band and its offshoots, instead delving into pretty, dreamy, atmospheric, indie pop. Torstensen says that the band is nearly finished self-recording a new album, and he plans on releasing new tracks from it online as they get finished over the course of the next several months. Once everything is complete, they’ll be collected onto LP and released physically. The new track, “Burst Black,” was posted yesterday, just in time for an awesome show the band will playing at a Lincoln Park DIY space this weekend.

“Black Burst” is a catchy, spacey pop cut, alternating between electronic jumpiness and airy, synthy drones and sweeps. The sharp track walks the perfect line between totally accessible and really weird, much like the band’s local peers Mines.

On Fri 1/31, Magical Beautiful will be playing with Earring—a band I’ve raved about in the past—as well as TALsounds. The show opens with a solo acoustic set from Joan of Arc’s Tim Kinsella. As with most of these loft shows, I’m not allowed to post the address here, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find on the Internet.