• There’s no finer cocktail than a perfectly mixed manhattan

Here begins Hangover Week, in honor of our neighborhood bar guide.

On New Year’s Day 1979 the Chicago Tribune ran a piece by my colleague Steve Bogira titled “Lots of nice ways to say you were stinking drunk.”

Among the “nice ways”: tipsy, stewed, stiff, polluted, reeking, stinko, blitzed, bombed. My favorite is “featured,” as in “inspired to believe strongly in his ability to sing a song, to tell a funny story, or to execute a dance.”

I’ve never been able to execute a dance, featured or otherwise. But I have some experience with hangovers. (Never again, I’ll say. Then . . . again.)

My hangover remedy in the past had been a can of Dr. Pepper and a dill pickle. It works, but perhaps you’d be better off taking the advice of current professionals.