If there were a Nobel prize for chicken-parts marketing I’d say this year’s shoo-in is the mad visionary at McDonald’s who decided to commission a song from Keith Sweat to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget. Worlds collide. Heads asplode.

“Everyone knows I’m keen on love songs,” Sweat explains on McDonald’s weird African-American marketing site, 365black.com. “So it was a perfect fit for me to write a love song for the 25th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets.” Obviously! Who could think of a better pairing than Keith Sweat, new jack swing pioneer and creator of much fuck music, and “small piece[s] of minced chicken breast and mechanically separated meat held together with phosphate salts and some chicken skin.”

Actually Keith Sweat does manage to get through the process without losing too much dignity, and both the song and its associated commercial sort of wink and slightly acknowledge the ridiculousness of having Keith Sweat sing about McNuggets. But it’s still Keith Sweat singing about McNuggets.

Best part about the whole thing:

That tilted-head-cocked-eyebrow look just screams, “This picture’s for what now?”

(via Metafilter)