After my November 2006 blog post about the self-immolation of Malachi Ritscher, I received numerous interview requests; I accepted a couple in the first week, but after that I refrained–true, I’d reported the incident first, but I had no great insight into Ritscher’s actions or life. One of the requests I declined came from British video journalist Neil Corbett, who came to Chicago in March 2007 to do some reporting. A version of the piece he produced aired on Al Jazeera English throughout Europe last month. The 11-minute segment includes interviews with Bruno Johnson, the jazz producer who received postsuicide instructions from Ritscher, as well as musicians Michael Zerang and Dave Rempis. You can watch it below. Thanks to Paul Giallorenzo for pointing it out.


Today’s playlist:

Lucky Thompson, Lucky Is Back! (Then, So Is Love) (Fresh Sound)
Shape of Broad Minds, Craft of the Lost Art (Lex)
Derek Bailey, Standards (Tzadik)
Various Artists, The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru (Barbes)
Ophiucus, Ophiucus (Lion Productions)