• Male (Jonathan Krohn and Benjamin Mjolsness)

The local instrumental duo of guitarist Benjamin Mjolsness (formerly of Mass Shivers) and keyboardist/electronics guy Jonathan Krohn, aka Male, rarely perform or record without a complement of players from the local jazz and improv scene—it looks like what they do is come up with ideas and then enlist some great musicians to help realize them. Male’s modus operandi is to record amorphous, drifting tracks as a duo, then bring in folks like vibist Jason Adasiewicz, cornetist Josh Berman, and guitarist Todd Mattei to improvise over them in real time, with no subsequent edits. On the group’s 2008 debut, All Are Welcome (Other-Electricities), the result is a radiant set of ambient soundscapes embroidered with gestural detail and enriched with textural variety, though they tend toward the noisy rather than the placid.