Randall, mononymous creator of the webcomic xkcd, is based in Massachusetts, but in today’s strip he absolutely nails not only the common annoyance Chicagoans face of people moving into our city only to brag at length at how much more perfect their hometowns are, but also the quintessentially midwestern (i.e. exceedingly patient and passive-aggressive) way we let Mother Nature serve those people their comeuppance. Given the disturbing frequency with which the midwest has experienced seismic activity recently, it might be worth bookmarking the strip or printing it out to have handy the next time this happens. And the next time someone makes a joke about earthquakes in the midwest, you might want to alert them to the sheer number of prophecies concerning earthquakes happening around these parts and ask them to consider the mathematical probability that at least one of them is right.

The complete strip is after the jump. I highly recommend adding xkcd to your RSS feed.