History, née the History Channel, drags itself further down a new (as of 2008) and questionable programming path with yet another reality show: God, Guns & Automobiles, which follows Mark Muller, the founder and owner of the Max Motors car dealership in Butler, Missouri, and his younger brother, Erich, who until now has been been a silent partner in the business. The money Erich’s invested in the dealership comes from a long career in broadcasting: You might know him as the titular Mancow of Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, or from one his subsequent short-lived radio shows, or from his current morning show on WPWR. Or, my personal favorite, the Eagle Insurance/Eagle Woman commercial: “Look! She’s dropping her rates!”

In the opening credits, Mark proclaims himself a god-loving everyman with the motto “Do the right thing, and everything else will fall into place.” The brothers oversee a staff of “outlaw” car salesmen who will cut almost any deal: boats for trade, goats as down payments, and, in the past, a free AK-47 with certain purchases. Incentives for sellers include bonuses and Michael Bay-style car explosions (that’s one way to get rid of inventory). In the first episode, a guy comes in to buy a hybrid and ends up in a huge truck doing doughnuts in a field; the test drive ends with him jumping out.