After the Republican midterm win in 1994 Time‘s cover showed a gigantic elephant stomping on a donkey. After the Democrats’ midterm win in 2006 the magazine ran a chaste Venn diagram and a headline encouraging “centrism.”  Media Matters uncovered this bit of conservative bias in the mainstream media, but it was left to Ghost in the Machine to photoshop an improved version of this year’s cover.

Which is the greenest city of them all?  Not Chicago.  Boulder, Colorado, voters have enacted a local carbon tax by a 58percent vote, reports Sarah Kraybill Burkhalter at Gristmill.  Of course, out there the mayor stood up to business lobbying.

For the reality-based community, here are some fine red/blue/purple maps of recent elections, by county and congressional district, created by Robert J. Vanderbei.  (Hat tip to Echidne of the Snakes.)

Strange Maps, which is what this blog wants to be when it grows up, resurrects a map of the ten alleged regions of the U.S. from a January 2004 Boston Globe story.  (Chicago’s mapped as a non-contiguous outlier of the Great Lakes region, along with Detroit and Pittsburgh.)

2008 is happening, and Lindsay Beyerstein is already begging the Republicans to nominate Rudy Giuliani, that “pro-choice, Catholic, New Yorker,” because she thinks that will let the Democrats run as far left as they please:  “Rudy winning the nomination in ’08 would be the single biggest step towards social democracy in the US in our lifetimes.”