It’s going to be amazing when Marc Leder, who hosted that famous party for Mitt “We are the 53 percent” Romney, sics the law on whatever unfortunate member of the waitstaff is determined to have taped the proceedings. Leder’s reported to be “in the process of narrowing down the suspects and is contemplating contacting law enforcement.” His suspicion is that the leak came not from a Republican mole but from the help; a moneyed associate prosecuting a member of the underclass should really ramp up the (already impressive) class warfare thing going on with Romney’s campaign.

He sounds like an interesting character, anyhow—thought not to be a conservative ideologue, Leder, who cofounded Sun Capital, has given money to a handful of Democrats. The Naked Philadelphian reports that Leder doesn’t support “the social agenda of the Republican Party,” which would make sense given the rumors about his hosting parties that prominently feature sexy dancing ladies. The NP also quoted a couple friends, one of whom clarified that “Marc was not in the pool” at the time of some specific reputed hanky-panky.