Victory Gardens Theater will have a difficult time replacing its managing director, Marcie McVay, whose resignation was announced this week. McVay has been a major factor in the theater’s success over the past 30 years, and not just because of her administrative skills. The Reader‘s Deanna Isaacs rightly says that “it’s hard to imagine an opening night without McVay as the welcoming committee.” Indeed, not only at openings but during previews and throughout production runs McVay has been VG’s ombudswoman, greeting and schmoozing audience members as they made their way from the lobby to the auditorium. Her warmth, knowledge, and people skills have helped VG build a solid subscriber base, whose loyalty to the theater–and to McVay and her husband, artistic director Dennis Zacek–has allowed VG to experiment with new work. Marcie McVay is going to be a very, very difficult act to follow.