As soon as I stopped crying over the 20 percent hike in my property tax bill, I gave Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas a call.

I wasn’t calling to moan about that 20 percent hike, though I may have mentioned it to her once or twice. I know the rising bills are not her fault—she’s only the messenger, as it’s her office that mails them out.

Instead, I was calling with a suggestion about the information the bill contained.

As some of you geeks out there may have read in the paper—and let’s face it, this is the sort of news that generally only geeks pay attention to—the first installment of your property tax bill used to only tell you what you owed.

Like the $4,700 or so it said I owed, which is 20 percent than I owed the last time around, as I may have already mentioned.