• Julia Thiel
  • Marie’s, including a portrait of Wuczynski

Located at the corner of Armitage and Hermitage, Marie’s Riptide Lounge hasn’t changed much in the more than 50 years it’s existed—though the death of owner Marie Wuczynski in 2011 was a big loss. Still, it’s been going steady since then. But on Tuesday evening, @Mariesriptide tweeted, “Sad news today. We are trying to find way to stay open but as of now, Fri Jan 25th is our last day open. If you want to help please retweet.”

Bar manager Tina Congenie didn’t return my calls, but she told Chicagoist’s Chuck Sudo that Wuczynski left her the bar in her will, but Wuczynski’s son contested it; Congenie ended up settling in probate for $120,000. It’s a slightly convoluted story, as legal matters tend to be, but it sounds like the bottom line is that Congenie now owes $140,000. There’s a court hearing this Friday and if Congenie doesn’t have the money to pay the probate settlement, the assets listed in Wuczynski’s will—including the bar—will be used to pay the debt.

There’s a Save the Bar party today from noon to 4 AM (the bar normally doesn’t open until around 8) to try to “raise enough money to stall the decision.”

Marie’s Riptide Lounge, 1750 W. Armitage, 773-278-7317