“Hold up let me marinate.” Pause and soak it in—that’s all I’ve been doing for a good half hour with “Is You Wit It,” the new single from local hip-hop duo the Whoevers, and the above lyric says so much about the tune. The line comes in just after the first chorus and after several brushes with a gentle wah guitar—it floats in and out like the tide, and I can’t help but want to sit and let that guitar wash over me. It’s a small part of the tune’s tapestry, but it’s as essential as the Whoevers’ easygoing rapping.

The Whoevers dropped “Is You Wit It” yesterday, but it feels like it should’ve come out Memorial Day—it’s made to be slotted on barbecue playlists alongside effervescent yacht-rock tracks and sunny garage-pop jams (I’d drop it between Beautiful Swimmers’ “Open Shadow” and something by the Lemons). Fortunately, with summer just starting there’s plenty of time to bust this tune out. Take a listen to it below, and check out the Whoevers tonight at Grandbar—they’re opening for Cormega alongside Epic, Samiam the MC, Ill Company, and a handful of others.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.