As if you can’t tell from the headline, I just spent a very giddy half hour reading the “programme and abstracts” page for the upcoming Fall conference in England. Not all the papers have titles that great, but honestly, it was hard to pick just one. Thanks to Whet for the link!

I have a lot of dear friends in academia, people I respect very much, and I’m sure at least some of them realize how hilarious the jargon sounds to someone on the outside–especially when it’s applied to something civilians actually know about, or think they know about, like for instance a rock band. (A little learning is a dangerous thing.) I mean, I used to read the bridge column in the paper, even though I’ve never played the game in my life, just because I was entertained by the turgid soap-opera drama and tinge of noir in stuff like “Now West entered the auction with a two-diamond overcall, leaving North unsure what to do. He contemplated doubling, but was not certain how it would have been interpreted by his partner.” (That’s from a news story on a bridge match in the January 24 New York Times, in case you’re wondering.)

Anyway. It’s too late to submit a Fall paper of your own, but if you’re going to be anywhere near Manchester on May 8, you might want to drop in and listen. This conference sounds more entertaining than a whole weekend of South by Southwest panels.