The singular percussionist Jerome Cooper died on Wednesday at the age of 68 following a battle with cancer. The Chicago native is probably known best for his long involvement in the Revolutionary Ensemble, a daring trio with bassist Sirone and violinist Leroy Jenkins that moved easily between group improvisation and knotty compositional gambits that reached well outside of strict jazz traditions (and, of course, its instrumentation offered something utterly new as well). Cooper, who also worked with folks like Lester Bowie, Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxton, developed a striking solo percussion practice, in which he considered his expanded drum kit akin to a little orchestra and built elaborate polymetric works that are as gripping as they are complex. Below you can check out a strange Revolutionary Ensemble piece called “My Birds,” which is taken from Counterparts (Mutable Music), a recording of the group’s final performance in 2005—Jenkins died in 2007 and Sirone passed in 2009.

Today’s playlist:

Frank Emilio, Guillermo Barreto y su Cuban-Jazz Combo, Drume Negrita (Caney)
Victor Kissine, Between Two Waves (ECM)
Michael Hurley, Hi Fi Snock Uptown (Future Days/Raccoon)
Eva-Maria Houben, Lost in Dreams—Works for Piano (Edition Wandelweiser)
Cilibrinas do Eden, Cilibrinas do Eden (Philips)