The bad news out of Switzerland is that Mayor Daley’s assuring the International Olympic Committee that Chicago will cover any cost overruns on the 2016 Olympics.

For the last three years, the mayor’s been insisting he has a magical formula for getting someone else to pay. I told you not to believe him.

I’ve long thought that the Olympic bid is a cruel joke Mayor Daley is playing on his constituents–to see how much nonsense we’ll swallow before we throw up. It looks like our tolerance is endless. How else to explain why folks aren’t taking to the streets to stop this lunacy? 

The good news out of Switzerland is that the No Games folks–among the few people around here willing to stand up against this scheme–sent a contingent to keep track of all the double dealing. They’re providing updates you might find interesting. Their first one notes that Mayor Daley’s flacks want the international press to believe that local corruption ended when Rod Blagojevich left office.

This on the heels of Fran Spielman’s on-target analysis of Mayor Daley and the latest pension fund scandal, another report that the city still isn’t running its hiring process in compliance with court order, the indictment of alderman Isaac Carothers …

Maybe we should chip in and buy the IOC a subscription to the Sun-Times and Trib. Or they can just link to us for free.