The front page of today’s Sun-Times proclaims that Mayor Daley is set to “take the blame” for the parking meter “fiasco” in a south-side speech tonight.

But when you actually read the story inside, which is based on a copy of the speech that was provided to the paper, it turns out that the mayor isn’t apologizing for the length or terms of the lease deal, the way it was conceived and forged behind closed doors by no-bid contractors, the speed at which it was rammed through the City Council, the degree to which it’s restricted the city’s ability to manage the flow of traffic, or the pressure it may put on future aldermen trying to piece together balanced budgets long after this mayor’s dead and gone.

In essence, Mayor Daley is sorry that he and his staff didn’t figure out how to make the deal sound good before members of the public concluded it was a stinker.