When Dave Glowacz interviewed me about this week’s column for our weekly podcast on Mr. Radio, I hadn’t yet read “Moo,” Timothy Egan’s New York Times piece about Governor Palin’s administrative style.

Having read it, I’ve realized that Mayor Daley and Governor Palin have a lot in common. 

Beyond the obvious similarity — he’s a mayor and she started her career as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — they’re a couple of cold and calculating political bosses who know how to use clout to reward friends, punish enemies, and frighten everyone else into silence.

OK, so Governor Palin has never devised a scam as clever as Mayor Daley’s TIFs. But come on, be fair: she was only mayor for six years. It took Daley almost a decade to figure out how he could transform the TIFs, intended to eradicate blight, into a forever expanding multibillion-dollar slush fund. Give her time — she’ll come up with something.