• AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Mayor Emanuel’s got himself in a lot of trouble with some hockey fans I know for prematurely killing off the greatest Blackhawks player, so to speak.

That would be Robert Marvin “Bobby” Hull, aka the Golden Jet, about whom Mayor Emanuel said: “Bobby Hull is looking down on this team with great admiration.”

For the record, Bobby Hull is most definitely not looking down on anything, because he’s very much alive—as the mayor will no doubt realize when Hull shows up for today’s Stanley Cup celebration.

Mayor Emanuel made his comment on an ESPN radio sports-talk show Tuesday, the day after the Hawks won the Stanley Cup. Here’s the link. (And, by the way, thank you, Matt Farmer, for sending it to me.)

In defense of the mayor, I think I can understand why he made that mistake, as egregious at it is. Obviously, the mayor doesn’t give a hoot about sports.