Some people think Rahms a real butt(on) face.

It’s been a month or two since I’ve been to the Mothership—the Reader‘s office—which happens to be located in the blighted, high-poverty neighborhoood known as River North.

For all you folks unfamiliar with Chicago, River North’s not really a blighted, high-poverty neighborhood. On the contrary, it’s one of the wealthiest corners of town. But that’s not stopping Mayor Emanuel from giving $29.5 million to some exceedingly wealthy developers so they can get even wealthier constructing an exceedingly upscale office high rise.

Excuse my tangent . . .

Awaiting me at the office was a pile of mail that included a small box with a return address in Bridgeport. Inside were 14 colorful and comical political buttons, mostly dedicated to mocking the abovementioned mayor.

This was the second batch of buttons dedicated to this theme sent to me by the mysterious Bridgeport Buttonman. The first batch included my personal favorite—a picture of a man with his head up his ass, captioned: “Official Chicago Mayoral Portrait.”

I’m still laughing over that one.