• Wesha
  • If you find this station in Outer Mongolia, thank Mayor Rahm!

Oh, to have been the proverbial fly on the wall last month, when Mayor Rahm dropped in at the firehouse at Illinois and Dearborn.

You may not realize this, but the mayor frequently makes impromptu drop-ins at firehouses. Generally, to tell the firefighters that as much as he loves them—for risking their lives rescuing people from burning buildings and all—he’s going to cut their pensions.

You’d have to be Professor Freud to figure out what the mayor’s trying to prove by going out of his way to passive-aggressively taunt a room filled with city workers who, for all the obvious reasons, can’t talk back.

Not unless they want to get transferred to a firehouse in Outer Mongolia.

As far as I know, firefighters never did anything to Mayor Rahm. Other than endorse Gery Chico in last year’s mayoral election.

Oh, wait, I’m starting to understand . . .