Mayor Rahm speaking in Englewood on July 12
  • Scott Boehm/AP Images
  • Mayor Rahm speaking in Englewood on July 12

Mayor Emanuel must have found a moneymaking machine in the bowels of City Hall.

After all, only a few days ago he was arguing that CPS is so broke that the schools will have to cut their budgets.

And now, out of nowhere, it turns out he’s got enough money on hand to give three north-side schools $100,000 each—if they just shut up about all the other cuts in town.

Well, Mayor Emanuel didn’t come right out and say, “Hey, north-side schools, shut up about the cuts!” It’s more of an inference that any reasonably intelligent Chicagoan might make.

In any event, it was only on Sunday that the mayor wrote a guest editorial in the Tribune pointing out that unless the teachers took a pension cut—or, as he calls it, “comprehensive pension reforms”—the school funding would be whacked.

And then on Monday, Sun-Times reporter Lauren FitzPatrick broke the news that three north-side schools—Bell, Blaine, and Audubon—surprisingly got the extra $100,000.