• Batholith

At first Mayor Emanuel’s latest onslaught of school cuts was simply outrageous—getting rid of clerks, counselors and teachers, teachers, teachers!

Especially when you consider the very same Mayor Emanuel’s revving up to take $55 million in property tax dollars—more than half of which comes from the schools—and spend it to build a DePaul basketball arena and hotel.

But now it’s getting absurd.

I got a call yesterday from a teacher at Von Steuben High School—go, Panthers!—who said the principal had just delivered some bad budget news to the staff.

Among the proposed cuts are the school librarian (apparently, the library’s going to be run by security guards), the math club, the debate team, and toilet paper.

At the moment, it’s not clear what students are supposed to use in the absence of toilet paper (their sleeves, perhaps?), or whether it’s part of a larger push by the mayor to train people not to use bathrooms at all during school hours.

Imagine how much money CPS can save if they no longer have to operate bathrooms!

I’ll keep you posted as details come in.