• Brendan Smialowski/Bloomberg News
  • Hedge-fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin

It’s been over two weeks since Mayor Emanuel released his plans to build a basketball arena and hotel near McCormick Place that nobody asked for and nobody needs.

It’s an economic development scheme that turns logic upside down: he proposes to spend $55 million in property taxes today in order to lose untold millions in property taxes tomorrow.

Here, read all about it.

It’s got to be the dumbest economic development plan in Chicago since Mayor Daley bought Michael Reese Hospital.

You can read about that one, too—if you dare.

Of course, an idea being dumb won’t stop Illinois state reps and senators from approving it, as they move heaven and earth to avoid receiving a profanity-laced late-night phone call from our tempestuous mayor.

Looks like we’re really going to need that veto, Governor Quinn.